Brazilian Waxing

1 Session (35 min) $55
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Brazilian waxing is fundamentally similar to other types of waxing. It simply eliminates a more significant amount of hair. A Brazilian wax includes hair removal from the strands along the vaginal lips and the buttocks. There are many variants to this kind of waxing, and one can choose the desired areas.

This type of waxing was first introduced back in 1987 by seven Brazilian sisters in New York, and it has remained the most popular one in the United States to this day.

When compared with bikini waxing, it eliminates hair from a larger area. Whereas in the bikini waxing, experts focus on the front and sides; the Brazilian waxing removes the hair from the front, sides, back, and everything in the middle. However, it is often advised to stay away from swimming pools and direct sunlight 24 hours after the therapy to avoid allergy or infection.

What does a Brazilian wax cost in Las Vegas?

A Brazilian wax treatment in the beautiful valley ordinarily costs $50 to $120 at a famous and trustworthy day spa or top-quality waxing salon. Indeed, you can get a treatment that may be done at a lower cost— somewhere around $20 - at some other salons, but you will have to compromise on the quality.  Safi Mira Laser & Rejuvenation Center is a premier location for Brazilian wax Las Vegas. While we maintain affordable rates for our clients, our service is second to none.

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