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Let’s face it: We all age. However, as technology and medical knowledge increase, our abilities to manage the effect of aging on our bodies has dramatically increased. As a board-certified med spa with two board-certified medical specialists and a team of trained aestheticians, Safi Miran  Laser & Rejuvenation Center in Las Vegas, NV, has what you need to combat the effects of aging.

At Safi Miran Laser Spa, we offer a minimally invasive micro-needling treatment to stimulate the body and encourage skin rejuvenation. Whether you develop crow’s feet around your eyes, wrinkles along your neck, forehead creases, stretch marks, or acne scars, our Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) micro needling procedure can help.

PRP with RF Microneedling Las Vegas

Simply put, PRP is a collagen induction therapy, sparked by blood plasma injections. Your blood plasma carries platelets that aid in the production of collagen. Collagen helps to thicken and revitalize the skin, healing fine lines and scarring.

We will apply local anesthesia to the problem areas before starting the procedure. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, estheticians will use tiny needles to inject PRP into the treatment area. During the 30-90 minute procedure, you will not feel any pain. After the procedure, you may experience minor bleeding at the injection sites and some swelling – however, this should not affect your day-to-day activities.

For best micro-needling results, you should undergo a series of three injections once per month for three months. If you have deeper scarring or wrinkling, you may need an additional treatment or more. These treatments will last you about a year – so you will want to plan to have annual treatments.

At Safi Miran Laser Spa in Las Vegas, we use radiofrequency micro needling techniques to promote the development of collagen and elastin. With specially insulated needles, we use high-intensity radio frequency energy to encourage growth factors and tighten layers of your skin.

Some benefits of choosing RF micro-needling over micro needling are that RF micro-needling smoothes wrinkles more while also reaching more layers of the skin. Here is an overview of the benefits.

1.    Stronger Treatment for Acne Scars and Wrinkles

Since RF micro needling can access more layers of your skin, it is the preferred method for treating deep and stubborn acne scars and deeply defined wrinkles. RF energy can separate scar tissue and wrinkles, allowing collagen to reach these toughened skin areas and maximizing skin results.

2.    More Flexible Personalization

Using a Genius RF device makes it easy for our aestheticians to personalize your skincare treatments. RF microneedling can vary from small to major skin procedures. For example, RF micro needling is useful both for little scars and major stretch marks.

3.    Boosted Collagen Levels

By boosting collagen levels, RF micro needling smooths out your wrinkles by creating a soft, youthful appearance. Heat also tightens skin layers below the surface.

As a laser spa and rejuvenation center, Safi Miran Laser Spa offers a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures under medical supervision. These include Botox injections, chemical peels, and alternative skincare procedures. Even though these methods help take care of acne and wrinkles, RF Microneedling treatments yield the best results.

  • Specialists Who Know Skincare

All of our medically-supervised beauty specialists at Safi Miran Laser Spa know how to work with skin of all sensitivities. Since RF microneedling allows personalization to cater to your needs, we guarantee that your experience will bring you the results you need.

  • We Target Sagging Skin

No one wants saggy skin. Using RF microneedling, our specialists at Safi Miran Laser Spa can tighten up sagging skin while also adding a youthful contour. We can perform RF microneedling on the face, neck, and chin areas.

  • Our Gentle Touch

At Safi Miran Laser & Rejuvenation Center, we believe in providing a gentle and safe experience for each customer coming in for an RF microneedling treatment.

It all starts with a consultation. To schedule a free consultation with a member of our team before having your treatment done, please call or text (702) 347-0103 today. We can go over matters like skin sensitivity, skin issues in the treatment area, and any other concerns you have.

  • Treats sagging skin on the face, chin, and neck
  • Smooths wrinkles and fine lines on the face, chin, and neck
  • Lessens the appearance of acne scars on the face, chin, and neck
  • Eliminates stretch marks on the face, chin, neck, and body
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