DMK Hydradermaze in Las Vegas

When it comes to treating stubborn acne, we would recommend DMK’s advanced acne treatment method. It can help in achieving highly effective, good, long-term results involving reduced risk of the recurring acne problems. At Safi Miran, our highly trained aestheticians perform DMK HYDRADERMAZE giving you smooth, clear, acne-free skin. If you want to try this highly effective acne treatment in Las Vegas, simply drop a line to Safi Miran. To book an expert consultation or to book a service, please call us.

It is a Resurfacing Procedure For Acne

HYDRADERMAZE is particularly designed to fight acne and clean congested skin. However, it has other re-surfacing applications too. This program is suitable for people who can’t have a DMK PRO ALPHA SIX LAYER PEEL treatment but are looking to get faster results. So, basically, it is a substitute resurfacing method that does not entail the deep peeling method of the skin. HYDRADERMAZE is a weekly acne treatment program that takes over a period of six, eight or twelve weeks to show the results depending on the skin condition.

Suitable For a Variety of Skin Conditions

Whether it is thick or crusty skin from build-up, premature aging, wrinkles, fine lines, or it is about skin pigmentation problems, milia, uneven skin texture, tone or discolored skin – this treatment can be helpful to treat various stubborn conditions. As an acne sufferer, Dr. DMK developed this unique acne treatment system, depending on science and the way the skin naturally functions. Thus, it is 50 years of experience and life-long dedication that you can benefit from.

How It Works

  • PROZYME ingests skin-blocking dead cell material.

  • PRO ALPHA #1 flushes out the deep congestion and dead cell material blockages.

  • ENZYME MASQUE #1 regenerates the skin by stimulating the production of new collagen. Side by side, it flushes away all harmful toxins and thus, restores the cellular integrity of the skin.

  • DMK HOME PRESCRIPTIVE helps protect and maintain the clear condition of the skin. The unique transdermal infusion process of DMK helps achieve faster results and reinforces the natural balance and skin functioning. Book a service today!