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Men’s Facial In Las Vegas

We have come up with a range of facials designed only for men. These facials not only treat and ease razor irritation, but also provide deep pore cleansing and toning effects. These are very effective in restoring vitality and maintaining hydration, while also these protect and restore healthier looking skin.

At Safi Miran, we understand that skin concerns differ from person to person. Considering that, we customize suitable facials for all skin types.

Does your skin care routine include only shaving and moisturizer, and you are not sure what could solve all your skin problems? If you think that facials are only for women, think again. Because at Safi Miran, we believe that men also need regular cleansing routines and care regimens for their skin, just like women.

The effect of sun and pollution can be really harsh on your skin, especially when you have never bothered with sunscreen. Moreover, regular shaving doesn’t help improve the condition either. Do not worry, we will take care of all your skin issues with our customer-oriented facials. Contact us to know more.

We have special facials for men that feature deep cleaning using customized crystal microdermabrasion techniques. This will be beneficial for you because men’s skin produce more oil and have bigger pores. Credit goes to the high levels of testosterone in their bodies. Our facials focus on cleaning this oil and dirt because they tend to accumulate on your skin and cause blackheads.

The regular shaving men do tends to make their skin rough. It also leads to irritation in the skin, inflammation, tiny bumps, razor burns. Plus, there are larger pores to be taken care of. The facials for men we offer in Safi Miran helps you soften your skin, while it hydrates and moisturizes it. And when you have smoother skin from this specialized care, it ensures that you enjoy less abrasive shaves, and you will have fewer ingrown hairs as well.

For a wholesome skin care solution, we use essential oils, and combinations of rejuvenating masks. We can help you look and feel your best. And, that’s not all. You can also opt for a deep tissue massage, which will make you feel completely relaxed and stress-free. Not sure which facial or facials will be suitable for you or will help you meet your aesthetic goals? Do not worry. Simply call us and book an expert consultation. Our experienced aestheticians will give you expert advice on that.