The Basic Rules of Skincare and Acne Treatment

Anna -Mariya Borodina || 13-Dec-2022
Acne Treatment

If you are new to the world of skincare and acne treatment, welcome! Through this blog, we will help you navigate the many ingredients and products that must be included in your skincare regime. That’s why we suggest creating a skincare plan in your early teens. So, shall we start?

Create daily skincare and acne treatment routine

To maintain overall skin health and improve specific concerns like acne, scarring, and dark spots. You should follow these 4 key rules :

● Cleansing

It’s important to clean your face daily but not more than twice a gentle face wash. Exfoliation is also necessary twice a week.

● Moisturizing

For your acne treatment use a moisturizer that is lightweight, gel-based, and doesn’t block your pores. But if you have dry flaky skin, you can buy a cream-based moisturizer.

● Serums

Apply a serum that is loaded with vitamins like vitamin C. It is best to use Vitamin C serum in the morning, under sunscreen of course! Retinol or prescribed retinoids are best to use in the evening.

● Sunscreen

NEVER STEP OUT WITHOUT APPLYING SUNSCREEN! You may find yourself asking, “what happens if you don’t wear sunscreen every day?” You may see hyperpigmentation, dark spots, or sun spots on your skin. That’s why apply at least 30 SPF 15 minutes before heading outside.

Do You Eat With Your Skin In Mind?

Skin rejuvenation depends on what you eat, drink, and how you take care of your skin. You must supply your body with vitamins, minerals, and the right nutrients that boost beauty and get the glow you desire. Similarly, you must avoid some food and drinks to keep your skin healthy –

● Fried Foods
● Soda
● Alcohol
● Candy
● Salty Snacks
● Processed Meats
● Energy Drinks, And More

You must also drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day – it’s a skincare no-brainer. If you ask any professional or any model about their skincare secret, it’s to always stay hydrated and drink plenty of liquid!

Not drinking enough water makes your skin look dull and emphasizes fine lines. Therefore, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day is good for acne and skin treatment.

Don’t pick your acne!

Picking acne, blackheads, scabs, or other skin issues can cause open wounds or darker skin spots known as hyperpigmentation. It can lead to infections or scars.

The Takeaway

So to sort out all your acne and skin problems visit our rejuvenation center. Our professional skin care and acne treatment will rejuvenate your skin and will set you up for long-term success. Good luck and have patience! Follow us on Instagram.